Monday, February 05, 2007

The Purge continues!

I purged more than a pallet of books.
Gave away a bunch. Sold a bunch more.
That's close to 50% of our books.
The man & I are challenging ourselves & our (my) packrat ways to get rid of 50% of a lot of our stuff, including:
clothes, including shoes
toys (don't tell the kids)
stuff in the basement

We're even getting rid of a bookcase.
Carla will fill this with lovely yarn at her house.

We did a smackdown on the kitchen.
Look past the enchanting child to the overfull shelves & kitchen table that holds nothing but piles. There are even piles on the kitchen stools.

Lookie, space. Even Totoro is happy.

To prove I still knit, even if it is for other people.
Bulky knittin' in the most perfect red. Needful Yarns Super merino, doubled.


Blogger Ann said...

DEEPLY satisfying! Most excellent! And you're not even, like, moving, right? You are going to love this new monastic lifestyle.

I always hate it when I have to fix up a house to sell it. I mean, why didn't I fix it up so I could enjoy it?

Congratulations! Keep it up! You're going to end up with three books, a pair of needles, and SPACE. You may even discover an extra kid in there.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

To celebrate, I will come scrub your floor for you when you're done. Because yay! clean floor, and destashing and... oh yeah, I'm avoiding some writing I need to do and I have a total Martha Stewart thing where I clean when I'm stressed.

Damn. I hate it when I let my real reason slip.

Well, that plus it would be fun to play slip 'n slide with the kiddos. I'm picturing Tom Cruise/Risky Business-style sliding in our socks.

11:41 PM  

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