Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here's where I've been......

Looky Knittyspin has her own front page, it gives me chills to see it. Also Amy's gorgeous design on the cover made out of Abby silk ,uuummmmmm! (Beth has it)
A perfect fornt page debut I think.

Knitty went live yesterday & the crowd went wild!
What are you going to make first? I love the cover sweater.

This issue of Knitty marks the partial debut (Amy & I shared this issue) of my new Knitty job - Ad Sales Queen.
Our former Queen Dr. Steph has gone on to different wonderful things. I'm toasting you Steph!

Saturday is Spinner's Flock & my personal countdown has started for Rhinebeck!

I'll be the one face down in fiber :-)


Blogger Lynn said...

Yay for Knittyspin! I love that cover sweater, too. I've bought yarn for it and once I finish my Wisteria (one sleeve to go) and a matching hat and the bag of Corriedale roving and, oh, a few dozen other things, I'll knit me that sweater. Plus, spun up the Abby batts and silk I treated myself to.

All before Rhinebeck, too! (don't believe anything I say)

9:54 AM  
Blogger Lynne said...

Fabulous cover!!!! Knittyspin Rocks!

Rhinebeck clock ticking.

1:42 PM  
Blogger jane said...

having won what feels like a huge amount of fiber (i won the fiber dream stash)in the ravelraiser some months ago, i am going to take some spinning classes nearby and will be sure to go over all your archives. so thanks for that. i'm a little nervous, but the sweetie at the spinning shop was so welcoming and so sure i could learn that i think i will be okay.

funnily enough, i just cast on twist & shout today - yay!

happy tuesday,

4:57 PM  

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