Monday, June 23, 2008

Beth had a party!

Beth, channeling Elvis, had a summer solstice party at her shop

The was spinning in and outside, natural dyeing, many snacks &, of course, much silly.
Yes, Lynne did buy that spindle.
No, Kat did not buy that Jensen wheel.
Kat & Sandy drove across the state to play. My Sandy pictures are blurry :-(
Abby came latter, yes, that Abby. She walked through that open door after I was back home with the children.
Where's Carla? Well, we thought she had an accidental hangover, from a bottle of Coppela wine while watching P.S. I Love You, but it really was a migrane - much less fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great now there is a photo of what I am dreaming of.... oy.

Okay, I am going to seriously look for a 12-step help program!!

Hello, my name is Kat....

2:14 PM  

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