Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spinning, spinning

My knitting projects have been frustrating, so I've been spinning more. Here's a peek:

Some Beloved Boogie. Fiber BFL Color: Popsicle, Navajo ply & 2-ply. I suck at the Navajo I feel like I may as well be using my toes instead of fingers. So now I Navajo ply all of my leftovers from 2 ply for practice.

Some of Lorna's Laces new Superwash merino Navajo plied. More BB, merino, color: Moonflower, 2 ply and Navajo.

I am lucky enough to have a spot in
Abby Franquemont's Spinning Sock Yarn class at The Spinning Loft, so I've been practicing spinning fine.
This is just some regular Shetland. Love the fine spinning, hate how long it takes to fill a bobbin.

This will eventually become a 2-ply finished in the Judith McKenzie McCuin method- menaced with a wee plunger, and bloomed.

My "What is she smoking" thought is this, I'm also lucky enough to be taking Cat Bordhi's New Pathways sock class at Threadbear and I want to make handspun sock yarn for it, to honor Cat's beautiful brain.


Blogger Beth said...

We should have a Navajo plying party. I will show you all of my navajo secrets:-)

8:53 PM  
Blogger robyncz said...

I think I know you. Well, kind of. Did you live in Austin? Is it possible I met you and a curly-haired daughter years ago at the Oak Hill library? I would have been with my daughters Zoe and Mia. And we would have been hanging out with my grown-up friend Mia and her son Nick. . .

So, I've heard wonderful things about some fab patterns in a book called Big Girl Knits--and I go to check it out on amazon.com and bang, there's your name, which sounds familiar, and I google you and BANG, there's your blog.

Pretty impressive. I've got to get that book!

Robyn in Austin

10:13 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I'm taking that class with Abby too! I am so excited!

10:40 AM  
Blogger ColorJoy LynnH said...

I sort of like to Navajo ply, but I'm being very careful to keep spinning something in my "airy-fairy-untutored" life, rather than studying it and trying to do it right.

I don't spin enough. I save it to be the one fibery thing that is not my work. And then, mean boss that I am, I don't let myself do non-work fibery things. That's life.

Love your colors. I'm especially in love with the second photograph. Totally colorjoy and with so much turquoise, my eye is smiling now.

OK, back to Taxes. You were a lovely distraction.

12:30 PM  

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