Monday, December 31, 2007

What I liked in 2007

It's New Year's Eve & I'm home with two sick kids in the midst of a Harry Potter marathon.

What better time to reflect on what I liked this year:

Knitting Books: I preface this with these have to be books not by my friends nor books that I have a pattern in:
New Pathways blew my mind, I'm a little scared of it.

Knitting New Scarves is the first knitting book in a long time that I wanted to disappear with and knit everything from start to finish in the book.

Other books:

Harry: I laughed, I cried - a lot. I love how it reminds me how books can stop time.

The Thin Place is ethereal without being silly. Kathryn Davis has never written a book I haven't liked.

Best & very apt description of Mistress of the Art of Death - The Canterbury Tales meets CSI.


Lucinda is one of my life heroes.

I nearly wept when I read that Amy Winehouse was pulled from writing the theme song for the next James Bond movie - never a more perfect pairing exists. Plus how can you deny the beehive?

I've been playing Under the Blacklight everyday for at least a month.


I'm a softie what do you want? Did Casino Royale come out this year? If so please bring me a steaming plate of James.

What did you like this year?
Happy New Year!!!!!


Blogger Denise said...

Amy Winehouse, yes. Tess asks for "song #2, please" when we're in the station wagon (where it's permanently in slot 3) and pulls her hat down over one eye (?!) to bop along. I have no idea what she thinks Tanqueray is.
who hasn't seen you or Carla at knitting night in like, forever.

3:37 PM  

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