Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best Weekend Ever

These are not women I know, they're from Google images.
But this is what I did this weekend with girlfriends.
We ate, we spun & knit, but mostly we were rude and laughed. We talked about life, the good, the bad - we dreamed out loud. It was pretty damn perfect.
It was our gang from SOAR - yes, it's taken us this long to get together. And yes I've already sent out the email inviting for the next one.

Also, Miss Amy was here, she filled the A2 library and made everyone laugh & learn. I met lots of great knitters, and some new spinners that keep buying wheels......
My kiddos are in love with her. They pile on her, they cry if they can't wake her up, they play games with her she doesn't even have to participate in.

Yes, Knitty is still coming probably today. We worked on it in our jammies on the couch.

It was good & it was just what I needed.

We have booked a hotel for Rhinebeck we're staying here.
It's never too early to plan.

Has anyone seen my Classic Elite design book Curvy Knits out in the wild? I've heard only one peep [it was a love note :-) ] about it. Nothing from Ample Knitters or the Big Girls list.

The sun is shinning today.


Anonymous regina said...

I booked my reservation there about a month ago. You're right that it's never too early to book!

9:58 AM  
Blogger rincaro said...

I have not seen it in the wild, but you just reminded to order it online. I love that flyaway cardigan!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous freddyknits said...

I can hardly wait to do it again!

1:57 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

I saw it in the wild at The Fold in Marengo, IL on Saturday. I didn't get it, but I thought of your blog request for sightings when I saw it on the rack full of Classic Elite pattern books

12:26 PM  

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