Friday, October 26, 2007

8 things - random

Dear moist Beth tagged me for 8 random things meme.
Sounds perfect for this rainy, rambling Friday.

1. I've been to all 48 contiguous US states, I was a mad roadtripper in college. I still love to drive.
2. I tend to obsess on Horoscopes, I'm a Gemini, some days I read 5 looking for one I like.
3. I love Ziploc bags. I have them in all sizes from the snacky tiniest to the huge - hold a fleece size. I know that they were in vented in 1968 and they can be recycled if your city recycles #4 plastic.
4. I am curious & painfully nosy. I was the 'why' kid, and I still am.
5. I love to do research. See #4.
6. I am shy and find it really difficult to small talk with people I don't know.
7. I love bones. I have bones and skulls real and fake. I love them for they fact that they make the most amazing architecture in our bodies. I marvel that and how our bodies move. I probably should have been an orthapod.
8. I want to learn to surf, on a board, before I'm 50.


Anonymous amy said...

I want to surf too, but location and husband's fears won't let me. So instead, I'm going to learn to snowboard and hope that when the time comes, I'll be ready to go.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous kristi said...

jillian! you're blogging!

so come out here and i'll learn with you. amy too. totally safer than snowboarding. they call it surfing, but really it's a big paddle out that makes you tired and then a lot of laying around on the board waiting for a good wave. usually in a pod of other surfers. especially if you pick a day when the surf is not up, then they pretty much look like they are napping. i asked, and apparently they don't chat.
you try to stand up a few times, paddle vigourously some more, then go have a fish taco and some beer.

pair this with some knitting -- sea silk? -- and we have ourselves one hell of a weekend.

10:23 AM  
Blogger jane said...

nice to see you back. i wanted to thank you for some help you gave me with folly a few years ago. all worked out well - except for the fact that i lost fifty pounds between starting and finishing it and it now FLOATS on me. am considering gaining all the weight back just so i can wear it again :0 or maybe reknitting it.

thanks again. oh, and i love ziplock too and reuse them - don't ask. am cheap and feel guilty getting rid of them.

2:10 PM  

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