Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welcome to Fantasy Island, it's Calgary!

Amy & I taught a bunch of fantastically fab women about fit and shape in Calgary last weekend. I only have a few photos.

Here's a shot of the most amazing, comfy store belonging to Amy(Swenson) & Sandra, Make 1.
There may or may not be photos of me somewhere totally cashed out on that couch knitting.....

We gathered at the store & road up to Emerald Lake (near Banff) on a bus

Sandra, the intrepid knitter, uses a book light clipped to her glasses to knit by & to reenact the Lantern Fish scene from Finding Nemo

Not water.

Part of our merry band. Dana in the very front is a fiber savant. I believe she started spinning the day after we returned.

The woman with the blue bag is Trish - she made the Bison Cozies

This is what greeted us each day

Including tourists

Snapped moments after I fell on my butt on the ice.
Amy, Dana and Morgan (knitting wizardess & stash master)

Bison cozies

We had a PJ party & Amy & I matched, damn we're cute.
Both Amy & Amy have more photos. I was teaching ; ), and yes we wore nipple dots.


Blogger morgan said...

Ok so here I was going to give you grief about not posting since you've been home. I clicked on your site only to see that you did post and blogline's hasn't picked it up. Damn Them.

It was such a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to seeing you again AND swapping knitting idea's. (I might even have the nerve to post the nipple dots shot!)

6:38 PM  

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