Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Rhinebeck

My first Rhinebeck _ I was totally overwhelmed.
Day one I walked & looked with Carla & Tara Manning - soaking it all in, did almost no shopping.
Day 2 shopping.

First must fill bellies with grease and caffiene

Look! It's Emma Jane & Sabine. Emma Jane is a master spinner - spun & knit the sweater she's wearing, gorgeous, no?
Sabine has sheep, lucky girl.

Onward! Have you seen two more determined fiber sluts?

The line up to pay for Socks That Rock - it goes almost to the back windows. It's 10:15.

Sad empty strings at Hatchtown. They were once filled with spindles. It's 11:30.

So we travled to New York to see someone in our Michigan spinning guild - Hi Deb!

Blogger mayhem - can you hear the giggling?

random hydrangea - Carla & I decided it would make a great colorway...........


Blogger CJ said...

Damn - that was fun. Must do it again!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Karin said...

OK. Here goes.. I stood in front of you in the Fold booth on Saturday at Rhinebeck scoring some STR. I turned around, gaped at you and stupidly said: "You're Amy Singer!" ...and you VERY graciously said to me, no, I'm the other one. I'm Jillian. I knew the second I said it that I was wrong...but thank you for letting me get out of that one with enough dignity that when I did meet Amy, I was actually able to speak proper sentences.

3:13 PM  
Blogger emma jane said...

Hate me for I bought TWO Hatchtown spindles. But don't hate me too much because they're both for spinning thread silk. But do hate me a little bit because there was still a large selection of spindles when I went by the booth ~10am.

And I love that I look like a raving lunatic in my sweater. Best picture ever. :)

2:01 PM  
Blogger Longhorn Diva said...

Oh gawd, if you make a colorway the color of that hydrangea, *please* let me know!!!

8:40 PM  

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