Thursday, October 26, 2006

Loot! Picture heavy

STR - Mandy, the Ruby Slippers is yours!

Foxfire Fiber BFL with a tiny bit of copper sparkle. Wish I had bought more.

Foxfire fiber - cashmere and silk.
Spun on my new Bosworth mini

Bosworth mini- Birdseye Maple, .53oz

Norm Hall spindle 2.15 oz. Can be used top or bottom & the whorl comes off to flip around any which way you want. This man is a genius. Thank you, thank you Regina!

Mostly Merino single ply, gorgeous. Has a little mohair so it's not prone to pilling. Have a great idea fortheir two-ply which I didn't buy.

Moving Mud - it's really for sweaters, but my hair loves it too.

The Good Shepherd. Silk, silk, silk. It's Amy's fault.

Carla & I discovered cormo on this trip.
Succulent. From Foxhill Fibers

Indigo Moon. Alpaca, merino, silk.

Shelridge Farm softies - green for socks, blue for a hat for my Honey.

Sorry about no links. I'm running the New Book Fair at school today & tomorrow........


Blogger PippiKneeSocks said...

i just got a little weak in the knees.
then i got to that indigo moon stuff and nearly passed out!

10:53 AM  
Blogger Mandy said...

EEE!! Thank you, Jillian!!
Delicious haul! :d

1:59 PM  

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