Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween & the slide to Christmas

We had a princess & a reluctant Jedi knight.
We tricked & treated until we were numb from the cold.
Then the holy sorting & trading of the candy - always a favorite event.
Yesterday at school the near silent hallways proved the existence of the sugar hangover.

And now it's that all too quick slide to Christmas. I think I (for once) have a sane knitting list:
3 pairs of socks
spinning & knitting a LOTR gotland/alpaca scarf

But not too far on the back burner is the Christmas insanity knitting list:
matching sweaters for Boo & her American Girl doll
a Yoda hoodie for Henry
something amazing spun & knit for Andy

I'll decide somewhere around Thanksgiving that adding the insanity list to the not-crazy-making-list is a good idea.
I just want to cover everyone I love.
Which of your lists will you choose?

52 days until Christmas
43 day until Hanukkah


Blogger Beth said...

I know I told you I'd see you this Saturday with the other spinning people but, alas, It is my first Saturday of working and as I have set my Saturday hours from 10-3 it kind of leaves out Spinners Flock for a while. Maybe you would like to visit me at the shop. Bring a friend.

6:55 PM  

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