Monday, February 26, 2007


My mother had a stroke- that's where
I've been. Hospitals, rehab, the medicare rat race. deciding what to do.
She's not bad enough to go to a nursing home, not good enough to live on her own and no money for assisted living.
Don't even go to the place where she would live with us. She's mean. One of those women who charm the world and torture their own.
She's miserable in her own skin and unhappy at the choices made in her life, which are, of course, someone else's fault.

What I've learned from her, because of her, really- is you own your own life, you can choose to be happy or not, no one will knock on your door and hand anything to you, especially the life you want, or think you want.

Other than the mother-bomb I'm on hella deadlines this week.
I did go to Toronto for a photoshoot, Amy has pictures - I'm the one braying.
The house continues to shed stuff. It still feels good.
Look for me after March 5th, when I start destashing.
I'll be starting with 2 10-skein bags of koigu.

Friday, February 09, 2007

CSI and I married Bigfoot

Best CSI arc in a long time. I'll have to say I was getting bored with the old gang. Liev Schreiber did a fantastic job as a tortured cop looking for redemption. Kudos too to the writers who had the nads to actually end the arc.
Is it me (or the HD), or does he have the biggest pores on the planet?

I love my husband, but I am in knitting hell. I'm making him socks for St Val's & the man has size 12 feet & want 11" tops, and yes, 8 sts to the inch.
All hail TiVo.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Purge continues!

I purged more than a pallet of books.
Gave away a bunch. Sold a bunch more.
That's close to 50% of our books.
The man & I are challenging ourselves & our (my) packrat ways to get rid of 50% of a lot of our stuff, including:
clothes, including shoes
toys (don't tell the kids)
stuff in the basement

We're even getting rid of a bookcase.
Carla will fill this with lovely yarn at her house.

We did a smackdown on the kitchen.
Look past the enchanting child to the overfull shelves & kitchen table that holds nothing but piles. There are even piles on the kitchen stools.

Lookie, space. Even Totoro is happy.

To prove I still knit, even if it is for other people.
Bulky knittin' in the most perfect red. Needful Yarns Super merino, doubled.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Molly Ivins died of breast cancer today.
Goddamn it.