Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tim Burton Alert!

In honor of Halloween there's a Tim Burton fiesta on cable

Tonight on Disney - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tomorrow on ABC Family - The Corpse Bride

Perfect family fun, all spinning, all knitting movies.
I'm having huge Rhinebeck withdrawal. I have the urge to walk up to strangers and ask them what they bought, what they think of Norm Hall's spindles, have they seen Moving Mud, or the gorgeous barely glittery Foxfire fiber. But no I'm back in the not so fibery world.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tomorrow is Amy's Birthday

Grand Mistress Amy-Aim's Birthday is tomorrow. Pass it on!

Loot! Picture heavy

STR - Mandy, the Ruby Slippers is yours!

Foxfire Fiber BFL with a tiny bit of copper sparkle. Wish I had bought more.

Foxfire fiber - cashmere and silk.
Spun on my new Bosworth mini

Bosworth mini- Birdseye Maple, .53oz

Norm Hall spindle 2.15 oz. Can be used top or bottom & the whorl comes off to flip around any which way you want. This man is a genius. Thank you, thank you Regina!

Mostly Merino single ply, gorgeous. Has a little mohair so it's not prone to pilling. Have a great idea fortheir two-ply which I didn't buy.

Moving Mud - it's really for sweaters, but my hair loves it too.

The Good Shepherd. Silk, silk, silk. It's Amy's fault.

Carla & I discovered cormo on this trip.
Succulent. From Foxhill Fibers

Indigo Moon. Alpaca, merino, silk.

Shelridge Farm softies - green for socks, blue for a hat for my Honey.

Sorry about no links. I'm running the New Book Fair at school today & tomorrow........

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Rhinebeck

My first Rhinebeck _ I was totally overwhelmed.
Day one I walked & looked with Carla & Tara Manning - soaking it all in, did almost no shopping.
Day 2 shopping.

First must fill bellies with grease and caffiene

Look! It's Emma Jane & Sabine. Emma Jane is a master spinner - spun & knit the sweater she's wearing, gorgeous, no?
Sabine has sheep, lucky girl.

Onward! Have you seen two more determined fiber sluts?

The line up to pay for Socks That Rock - it goes almost to the back windows. It's 10:15.

Sad empty strings at Hatchtown. They were once filled with spindles. It's 11:30.

So we travled to New York to see someone in our Michigan spinning guild - Hi Deb!

Blogger mayhem - can you hear the giggling?

random hydrangea - Carla & I decided it would make a great colorway...........

Monday, October 23, 2006

1,667.7 miles

That's how many miles I drove with my trusty fiber hos (Amy & Carla) to buy fiber at Rhinebeck.
Also so I could do this

More tomorrow after my butt stops being numb & my eye stops twitching.
I leave you with what it looked like all around Rhinebeck - ooooh the Catskills!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Morehouse Merino

Morehouse has coupons for Rhinebeck - $4 off.
Check it out!

There's a party at the Morehouse store on Saturday night after the show closes.
Amy & I will be there, as well as Melanie Falick & Debbie Stoller.
I hear a rumor of booze & some nibbles too. Plus MORE YARN.

Here are directions

See you there!!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Carla is my fiber hero

Carla refused to accept the fact that a mere work meeting on Friday would mean missing Rhinebeck & a 12-14 hour drive both ways with Miss Amy & yours truly.
So fiber bad-ass that she is, she booked a one way ticket to Rhinebeck & will meet us there for general festivities & then drive home with us. Bow down to my obsessive fiber hero : )

Speaking of fiber freakishness - watching the latest episode of Lost, I couldn't stop thinking what a great colorway for fiber Jack's prison cell wall would be - all streaky green.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Amy & I are tricky little buggers, we're sharing a square for Rhinebeck Bingo. You must find us together for it to count, he,he,he.
A hint to discovering us as a unit would be - find the spot where silk & drum carders meet.........

Word of warning: when you do approach, don't be surprised if I ask you to model my garment for the Winter issue of Knittyspin : )

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Boobies for Breast Cancer

Craft Magazine has republished my Boobie Scarf on their Craft Podcast.

It first appeared as part of the Knitty breast cancer awareness surprise issue.

Joe Bob says knit to save boobies!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Amy has many more taunting pictures over at her place.

The shoot was amazing the models were amazing, the designs, the team, everything had such a great flow and vibe. Just wait until you see the pictures for the book.

What Amy doesn't say is that she arranged it all - found the entire rocking team.
Amy=Goddess, as well as Knitting Bono, in case you didn't already know.

We finished our shoot by attending a shindig the locals call Stitch N Bitch at Lettuce Knit, but it's more like knitting in celebrity-land. There were probably 40+ knitters packed in Megan's wonderful store (also a location for part of our photoshoot). I personally got to hog David, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more wonderful knitting conversationalist - both conversing about knitting and just conversing. Both Dr. Steph and Steph (or La Harlotta as I think of her - I like to imagine her decked out in flamenco finery, knitting her mantilla -i'm twisted, I know) were there, and Amy all the way from Calgary - she actually delivered her sweater for the book shoot.
I was in awe, I was (almost) speechless.
I had so much fun & now, I'm tired.