Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hamster wheel

The weekend was a blur. The fam went to 3 parties, plus lunches out & rounds of golf were had and deadlines strived for. I am exhausted, but everyone had much fun. Deadlines are being missed, barely. It's better not to do finishing work after 4 beers.

Work life is it's usual busy. Amy's book, Knitty reviews, KnittySpin, BGK2, etc., etc.
The mother goes up and down now she's up. The doc says the initial stages of dementia are like this. It did cause me to circle the wagons - get lots of information and get to know her doctors.
It will be a constant, until she's bad enough for a nursing home.

Lately I've been questioning, questioning. The important (ageing & death) & the unimportant( why do it hate being late?). I feel like a hamster in cage inside & very still outside. I don't like it. So tomorrow, I'm starting a five week meditation class so I can take steps to reverse the hamster, release the hamster back to the outside where she belongs. It's good.

This weekend we are embarking on the first multigenerational driving vacation ever. We're driving with Andy's folks to Chicago to see King Tut and play for a couple of days. The girlie will pick out her birthday present at the American Girl store (cue, scream) & I will soak up art & people watch. Can not wait.


Anonymous Teresa said...

My heart goes out to you and your mom.

My Dad died last July. We lost him ever so slowly over 6 years to dementia. It is heartbreaking to know there's nothing you can do other than love them with all your might as they slowly slip away from you AND take care of yourself best you can emotionally, spiritually and physically.

12:56 PM  

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