Thursday, May 25, 2006

First Play and actual knitting content

Isobel was in her first play at school this week.
She played first narrator in a play called Wackadoo Zoo.
It was an amzing 30 minutes of first grade talent - the pride poured off of those kids.
I'm happy to say that little miss has inherited her mama's ability to PROject her voice.
And yes, she picked out her own costume.

The kiddos continue to grow despite the rigors of the squeezing machine.

This used to be my dining room. The house is a shambles due to the installation of a bamboo floor in our family room. And now due to asshat subcontractors - the reinstallation of the floor. Because, a: we wouldn't notice a splitting, broken board and b: we would want to fix it by top nailing said board down. Just say no to Home Depot installation.

Par-tay! Big Girl Knits launch at Threadbear was fantastic.
Sadly, no one peed in their pants from laughing. Though I did climb on furniture & Amy did lift my skirt!

Do NOT ask how much money I spent on yarn that day. Yes, loads of sock yarn.

Icon-y cupcakes

Super Shannon, who drove (with Heather) from the land of Ohio (4 hours!) to play Big Girls and shop at Zingerman's. And who played Ann ARbor Book Fair with me in the pouring rain.
My children are in love with her. S, Isobel is still making 'Billy' jokes.

I do too still knit. Here's evidence. Two garments for Amy's upcoming NO Sheep book. Due June 1. I just might make it. Today is pattern writing day.

The ageing mother saga continues. I'm meeting with a social worker next week. The mother isn't bad enough for assisted living, but can't drive or handle money, and only has social security, medicare/aide. Not many options besides yours truely.

Big Girl Knits 2 is rolling along, I'm ordering yarn this (& next) week for some amazing designs by a whole bunch of great designers. Whew! No wonder I'm not sleeping very well.


Blogger Shannon said...

Billy's beard is SOOO big, one hair can block an entire sink!

(yearrrrrrgh!) (tauntaun noise -- and no, I'm not enough of a Star Wars geek to know how to spell it properly!)

11:12 AM  
Blogger Robknits said...

Jill, I am about to launch into one (ok, maybe it's two or three) of the patterns from Big Girl Knits and I could SWEAR I saw an errata site. Can't find it now.

12:07 PM  

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