Friday, May 12, 2006

MD Sheep & Wool delivery service!

Carla brought MD Sheelp & Wool to my house yesterday!
I gave her my budget & she shopped until she dropped for me- hard work, I know. It's good to have friends.
Clockwise from golden bump - 3 mostly silk rovings - she picked up when she got her new wheel.
Louisa Harding sari ribbon & super stripey merino roving.
3 amazing angora blend batts.
Gorgeous grey alpaca to blend with our Gotland, blue & purple tussah (hands off Amy!) & cashmere & silk.
Nestled in the cashmere & silk clouds are a
Graton Fibership & a Golding (purplrheart) Tsunami. I now have 11 spindles.

Hmmm, what will I do today?

I would like to mention that Carla uttered the phrase - "I wonder if this would be better woven." Just saying.


Blogger amy [Knitty] said...

i want that fibership!
[i will keep my tussah needs to myself. pout.]

time to find a grafton dealer online!

[lucky buggah]

9:16 AM  
Anonymous pippi said...

YUMMY haul!!!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Shelly said...

My bad . . . but I'll do it anyway, I need your help with the Bella cardigan and an email I sent several days ago is still unanswered to I'll be bad and ask for help here too (plus another email I just now sent).

Please email me at


1:08 AM  

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