Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Scene it?

The new knitting magazine from Interweave is out. Aimed at young, hip, trendy, um, what other catch phrases are out there - they use 'spirited'.
I like the mag. I like it more than the Vogue VK.1, but less than Rebecca.

It has a bunch of patterns & not much to read. There are extra free patterns on their website, and alternate photos. The photos in the magazine are gorgeous and clear. The models - the same as the Interweave Knits, boy am I sick of those girls. Would it kill someone if they used a beautiful fat girl?

Is there anything I'm dying to knit out of it? No. But I find some of the designs inspirational. please no more pom poms, ear flap hats , shrugs & hoods too.

How many knitting magazines are there now?
Vogue Knitting
Interweave Knits
Knitting UK
Simply Knitting UK
Creative Knitting
Creative Knitting OZ
Yarn OZ
Cast On
Knit N Style (or did that become Creative Knitting?)
Family Circle Knitting (and crochet!)
Family Circle Easy Knitting

Does Rowan count since you can't buy it on the newsstand? I say no.

16 knitting magazines? 200 knitting books in a year?
So why can't i find anything I'm dying to knit?


Blogger Nik said...

oh my god! when i previewed the mag on yesterday, I thought "damn, can't they find some other models."

1:56 PM  

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