Sunday, September 11, 2005


In between mutal mini breakdowns - her's over Grad School and mine over editing the Book - Carla & I went to Threadbear's Yarn Tasting last night.
We got to swatch a bunch of different yarns & generally run amuck in the store after hours.
Here's a samplin' of what we got to swatch:
My favorites of the night were:

A Vitadini cabled merino (the red-red), a Karabella kid mohair with chunks of glitz (the dk red), a Colinette furry (lower left- the Raphael colorway) & of course GGH's Kid-Soft .

What did I buy?
Well thanks for asking!
1 skein of wool aran weight Colinette, 4 skeins of Jaimeson shetland (tweedy, old world yarn whore, me), 2 skeins of Kid-Soft & the book , even though it doesn't have any patterns to fit my garockers (gargantuan knockers).

The best part, as always was yaking to Carla the way up & back - a good solid hour of bitching, moaning & laughing. And giggling with Rob & Matt the best yarn pimpin' Fatigues in the world!

In full disclosure, bought some Japanese yarn. Loads of skinny mohair, some marled (it's b&w), a bunch of ombre, a whacked out green & lt blue mohair & some lumpy pink stuff for the girl.


Blogger CJ said... made me laugh out loud.

1:57 PM  
Blogger jennifer said...

mmmmmmmmm a yarn-tasting?! i'm so jealous! what luscious goodies you got - lucky you!

12:02 AM  

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