Monday, December 31, 2007

What I liked in 2007

It's New Year's Eve & I'm home with two sick kids in the midst of a Harry Potter marathon.

What better time to reflect on what I liked this year:

Knitting Books: I preface this with these have to be books not by my friends nor books that I have a pattern in:
New Pathways blew my mind, I'm a little scared of it.

Knitting New Scarves is the first knitting book in a long time that I wanted to disappear with and knit everything from start to finish in the book.

Other books:

Harry: I laughed, I cried - a lot. I love how it reminds me how books can stop time.

The Thin Place is ethereal without being silly. Kathryn Davis has never written a book I haven't liked.

Best & very apt description of Mistress of the Art of Death - The Canterbury Tales meets CSI.


Lucinda is one of my life heroes.

I nearly wept when I read that Amy Winehouse was pulled from writing the theme song for the next James Bond movie - never a more perfect pairing exists. Plus how can you deny the beehive?

I've been playing Under the Blacklight everyday for at least a month.


I'm a softie what do you want? Did Casino Royale come out this year? If so please bring me a steaming plate of James.

What did you like this year?
Happy New Year!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Power and the Glory of Christmas - Kid Style

Yes, he's really that happy. Do you remember the last time you got that excited at Christmas?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Man Cold

Watch this if you've ever had a sick man in your life.

Snow day today. I mostly watched Tin Man & knit. The kiddos roamed the house.

Tin Man is good to knit to. It's not great by any stretch - it took me almost 2 of the 6 hours to get into it & now at the 5 hour mark I can't just stop can I?

In stop the presses news - I'm reading something other than a mystery. The Gathering by Anne Enright is so well written that after I read the second chapter I went out & bought myself my own copy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just yarn

Doing a project for an upcoming Shannon book with a bunch of yarn from Habu - hemp, nettle, linen, paper.

Some amazing gorgeous gifty hand-dyed yarn from Shannon. Shades of dirt with a purple cast over the whole thing.
Don't know what I'll make, maybe socks. I'm freezing this winter already.

First snow (it was in November). Yes, Henry is wearing pajamas & I am mother of the year.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Crappy cellphone pictures of cute kids

Yes, it looks like I participated in the november no-no blog mo. All is fine. I even took pictures, just never blogged......

My girl competed in her first gymnastics meet yesterday and brought home a medal. 4th place vault. I alternately smiled and cried.
She didn't sleep with it, but she did wear it to school today.

The other had a lovely Thanksgiving & is thankful for Star Wars, of course.

I've been knitting secret projects. Here's the yarn for one that for Pippi's upcoming spinning book. Merino & Mohair locks. yummmmmmmmm.

I've been obsessed (who me?) with getting organized (again). I'm all about the GTD (Getting Things Done) way by David Allen. It's all about lists. Lists are right up there with swatching as things I love in life. So far it's good. I have lovely lists, empty in boxes and deadlines that are more often hit than not. :-)

I've been spinning too, lime green alpaca blend, lofty goodness. No pictures yet.