Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Amy Winehouse has nothing on me

This is me 15 or so years ago, when I had the time to rock a mean beehive, and some fine vintage. I am all decked out to be a judge in a drag pageant

Hello from the land of Stroke 'N' Stress!

Things are moving along simultaneously at the speed of light and at the speed of molasses.
The mother thing is still a hell of a quagmire for many, many reasons.
Thanks to everyone who has written from the land of 'oooh, my parent(s) are evil too, hang in'. It warms me in special places to be reminded that not everyone lives in the land of Ozzie & Harriet.
My true confession this time is until yesterday I haven't been able to knit or spin. Really, the healing power of fiber arts just skirted around my ass. The mother stress completely shut down the creative part of my brain.
How do I know for sure? I spent a blissful 4 days teaching in Austin (Word to the HCW-girls!)
happy & relaxed, playing with my friends - I managed to design 3 garments & start knitting on them. I got back home & the need and desire to work my little fingers stopped as abruptly as Coyote flaming out

Instead of knitting I've been controlling my stress by working out. For the past 2 or so months I've been working out every day, and I feel better, stronger inside and out.

So I'm taking all of this as a wake up call that really there's only so much time.
Really, I'm making a WTF list, more like a Why The Hell Not list, Carla's playing & Pippi and Amy.
It started with the unquenchable desire to learn to surf before I'm 50 (I'll be 44 next week) and if that little want didn't open all kinds of secret doors. I actually got to write things down and check them off - write and publish a book, check. Go to all of the States in the United Republic of George Bush Sucks Donkey's, well I've played in 48.

Then I watched the first two seasons of Buffy all in a row and KNIT, I knit until I could barely lift my arms, and it was good. Something for me, not for a book, magazine, or anything work or deadline related, just me.
Hee, hee, just for me