Thursday, January 05, 2006

Trying to see the light

We haven't seen the sun for about 10 days here in Michigan. I feel like the entire gray sky is pressing on my head. To try & counteract the gloom, may I present retina scalding fiberworks?

Socks. The yarn is Interlacements Toasty Toes in fuschia, orange & hot purple. I'm feeling like a bunch of other bloggers I've been reading, that this may be the year to knit a bunch of socks. I knit mine on dpns (crystal palace) - I've tried all the other ways, but always come back to dpns.
I knit them in bits back and forth between the two - tops, heels, toes. If I knit a complete sock at once - I'm done, right? I never go back & do the other one. The ribbing on these? A moss ribbing meant to accomadate my fat calves without extra math.

Spinning. See Shannon? I still spin on my wheel. Yellow, fuschia, orange wool top from Color Me. I've done half of what I bought (Carla, you there?). I'm planning on plying it to take break from my quest for non-curly singles.

The girlie goes back to school Monday, so today we're off for a last kiddo hurrah, to the splash hotel in Frankenmuth. There's beer there, ok?

Resolutions? A bunch of stuff about acting with intent, being mindful and present instead of pushing, pulling and wandering. I'm needing to make one of those life shifts this year to begin caring a little more hands-on for my mother - who I've never gotten on with. See the first resolutions and quote Nietzsche and the Rolling Stones. Which means a lot of changes for me including really picking and choosing how I use my fiber & design time.

Oh yeah, and I'm saving money to go to SOAR in 2007. I hear it's going to be close by.


Blogger Unknown said...

I just found your blog. Let me first say that the most appealing thing on this blog are your ADORABLE children. I love their curls; seeing as my two are curly haired too. I will definitely be back to see what you have been spinning and knitting. Thanks for an amusing blog; especially the daredevil toddler you have. My boy is so a boy too!

11:02 AM  
Blogger Carla said...

Yes, present for the moment - I'll tell you all about my current hell when I see you next (it involves 2 international students who use the excuse 'my English not so good' for not wanting to give an oral presentation).

Anyway, 2 things:
1. GORGEOUS orange/yellow yarn - can't wait to see it in person. Really, it's lovely!

2. "No more running for the shelter of a mother's little helper..." unless it's a Guinness!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Dharma said...

Yes, two adorable children indeed!
Hey, if you decide you don't like those socks, let me know. I have large calves too. What's a moss rib and why does it work for us fuller gals?

10:11 PM  
Blogger SAM said...

This does seem to be the year of the sock - if blogger knitters are an indication of the rest of the knitting world. I have never tried the knitting parts of both socks at the same time. I'll try that on my next pair. The Interlacements Toasty Toes is beautiful! I have an obcessive nature myself, and spinning is the obcession that is lurking in the shadowings waiting to overtake me. CUTE kids!

2:51 PM  

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