Monday, August 01, 2005

Somehow I'm raising them right?

Henry now has a Harry Potter song - Hawy Potta, Hawy
Potta, Hawy Potta & is beginning the long road of
throw down tantrums with, you guessed it, the HP
The other night he wouldn't eat his dinner, he lay on the
floor shrieking waving a HP movie at me.
I played it, he sat transfixed for 30+ minutes & ate
his dinner on the couch.
Am I raising a serial killer? Or a future D&D freak
who will live in my basement until he's 50?

Isobel read me Green Eggs and Ham. She's 6. I cried.
While the small one is a Tazmanian Devil,
this one is and always has been
emotional, & now she's getting intense.
She has spent the last week doing pretty much nothing else but
drawing. Manga-style, Ed Emberly-style ,hooray for the library &
their resources because mama still draws stick figures.
She's also decided she wants to be on the gymnastics team & spends
a portion of each day with her feet in the air & in my face.
We now have a portion of the day where "feet must remain on the floor".
coincidentally it occurs at the same time as Guinness-time.
Intense, I can understand. Intense and focused eludes me.

Looky, looky:

Orange, chunky, alpaca.........................


Blogger Shannon said...

And with Trader Joe's beer in hand, no less! Nah, he won't be a dungeon D&D boy...he'll no doubt be FAR too good-looking for that!

3:17 PM  

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