Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I was taken hostage by Twitter & Facebook

I've been sucked into Twitter - follow me here.
& Facebook.
Though the love and obsessiveness has be waning.

Back at the ranch, I've been spinning like a woman in love. In love with my latest wheel:

Here's some of my spinning. A trip around some of Michigan's fiber folk.
Suzanne Pufpaff's black wool with streaks of lime, fuchsia and turquoise.

CJ Kopec's merino and corriedale

Yarn Hollow's merino, alpaca & tussah, mmmmmmmm. Beth has a great selection at her shop too.

I've been playing with my drum carder, too. This is some shetland from Windswept Farm, blended with some tiny yarn snips for a little tweedy action

Still knitting some, but I've mostly been a spinning fiend. Not even doing much designing these days. This little swatch might become something for Beth if she likes it.

My Honey , the Andy of this Andy, fractured his wrist while popping wheelies with the kiddos.
He has Injured Husband Syndrome tm - you know, grumpy, restless, cranky. Worse than Man Cold.