Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day - maybe?

We're supposed to get 6-11 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow - spending the day making sure all teachers/coaches/etc have their wee gifts.

Milk in the fridge would be nice :-) Me and every other human who's planning to be snowed in will be at the grocery today fighting over the last organic fat free gallon of milk.

Also reworking patterns with wild abandon & a calculator for my patience- of- a- saint tech editor at Classic Elite.

Need to be at the girl's classroom to help with writing assignments. Take the boy to a birthday party-in a nearby town. Then pick up girl-feed her-take her to gymnastics-have a heart to heart with the coach about why girl seems to not be giving it her all now that there's talk of moving her up a level - while simultaneously picking boy up from birthday party-in a nearby town.

Haven't got to most things on the to-do list yet, though I added two more pairs of mittens, maybe three to Christmas knitting.

Pass the caffeine I'm full of the spirit of Christmas, or at least full of something, because I'm still smiling. Maybe it's because I've convinced the husband to wrap gifts while he's on an all day conference call.

Oh and anyone expecting to get a Christmas card from me? See that photo up there that's the closest I'm coming this year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Double Digits in December

10 days until Christmas and most people I know are losing their minds. I kind of like the holiday crazies - there's nothing to do,but do.
New Knitty went live, it gorgeous. Did you see my pattern? The Briar Rose fiber is some fantastic spinning.
I'm knitting mittens. Non-matchy from odd ball skeins of Noro. They're plain with a little lace at the cuff. Extremely satisfying knitting and gifting.

Running, picking up the wee boy from preschool to make a gingerbread house (yes it's a kit).