Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rhinebeck randomness - Beth are you there?

Hello I am a Teeswater sheep. Yes, I am wearing a coat. I am sending my love and locks to the Long Wool Avenger.

Miss Beth are you moist?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy!

It's Amy's birthday!

Photo swiped from Julia, who remember to take pictures at Rhinebeck :-)

it's also Simon Le Bon's birthday he's 50, but I remember him like this

Did you hear Shannon's news? The Omnimedia presence that is Shannon Okey is taking over as the editor of Yarn forward magazine - woooooo-hooo! Congratulations Shannon, when will you sleep?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Mama's off her feed

Man I love that phrase, it describes so many states of being so well.

Everything about the past week or so has just been off. Some big things like the health of friends physical and mental. Most things are of the incessant annoying variety - the constant to & fro-ing with kids, deadlines, the perpetual politics of parenting and schooling.

And when did the world get so rude? Why drive on my bumper going 80 on the highway - is it really worth dying to get there 5 minutes faster. Don't get me started on driving with cell phones, too fast, too slow, weaving, stopping at a stop sign -past the stop sign, the inability to use a turn signal because your signal flipping hand is holding your phone. Here's my flipping hand.

Today was the bottom of the barrel for the not right. Here's a confession - I like Mondays. To me on Mondays anything is possible. Hell yes I'll knit a whole sweater, blog every day, start a charity,spin a pound of fiber,exercise everyday, connect with my friends and family, do fulfilling and flawless work all week long. :-) It's Thursdays that I hate.

Today is Monday and I got nothing done. Nothing. About 6:30 I resorted to a little used tactic to feel like I've accomplished something. Bleachy cleaner and the bathtub/shower. You could eat out of tub now. I even used a toothbrush on the grout. I feel better, marginally. But I'll take it.

Tomorrow's Tuesday and anything's possible, right?

Here's some spinning that I didn't do today:

It's "fine wool" in a variety of colors with black alpaca. It's roving the the wool and alpaca aren't blended - they're side by side. It made some wonderfully nubby yarn. I did nothing different to the two bobbins. They just came up two different runs of colors. And yes the wool and the alpaca slipped and slided around each other, and once I got over it, it was good.