Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Morehouse Merino

Morehouse has coupons for Rhinebeck - $4 off.
Check it out!

There's a party at the Morehouse store on Saturday night after the show closes.
Amy & I will be there, as well as Melanie Falick & Debbie Stoller.
I hear a rumor of booze & some nibbles too. Plus MORE YARN.

Here are directions

See you there!!!!!


Blogger Shannon said...

No fair, mama. Noooooo fair. Think of me, slogging away at book photo reshoot, as you nibble and booze it up.

You may send along some presents to make it up to me. (kidding! kidding!)

Tell them one of their fleeces made it into Spin to Knit for me, wouldja? The natural color yarn in Hong Kong Garden (one of the Faux Fair Isle sweaters) is Morehouse.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you hear me crying in my beer, er, i mean coffee, yea, that's it, coffee, over here?

9:49 AM  

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