Friday, January 27, 2006

You didn't!

Oh, yes I did. I ordered 3 fleeces from Treenway*. They are my first fleeces, so why not go all out? I gave nary a thought to how or where to process them. I just knew - I Must Have!




Gotland sounds familar? You're either a spinner or a geek (or both) becasue Gotland (blended with alpaca) was used to make these:

Lord O' the Rings Elven Cloaks
Next Christmas, there may or may not be, some scarf-y Elven love for a a couple of LOTR fans I know. No, Carla, I am not going to weave them, my loom is quietly and majestically holding, spinning and dyeing supplies. It will be knitted Elven love.

*Treenway imports fleeces from New Zealand (see Amy, I remembered the A this time) each year. To the general joy and delight of spinner in N. America.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TNNA, short and sweet


= heaven


= egotastic! We met amazing people when we signed advances of our book. They told us that they liked it.

a whole bunch of friends, old and new


(No, no one actually danced on the bar - but there was really loud singing)

2 cool
+2 be
4 gotten

= me

p.s. Did you see I got a sexy new job?

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Because everyone else is knitting socks - me too, me too!

Sorry for the blur, my camera is dying, or it could have been the toddler swinging from my arm while I was photographing la socks.

Going to try for a pair every other month, not that I'm committing.

I'm off to San Diego tomorrow to TNNA to promote Big Girl Knits with Amy.
We'll be at the R&M booth #401 at 2pm Saturday and at various bars at other times.
Plane project? Red scarf for the IWKnits foster project & Amy & I are going to try spindle spinning on the plane.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sunshine & New Shoes

The sun shone for about an hour this morning causing all people in my house to run outside and stand around squinting like moles.
The sunshine also brought Mama a new pair of shoes. Shoes shamlessly lemminged from a friend:

Pink flowery Doc Mary Jane's with pink soles, just what the mole people of Michigan need.

Note the cool Spirograph fabric? Other mole people pursuits include making loud curtains to get through the gray times.

The red wavy fabric (from Ikea) is for the living room.

Made some curtains for the bottom of Boo's bed, for clubhousing and various girly pursuits. It is currently Groovy Girl central.
The curtains are waiting to be hemmed.

Here's a bigger photo of the the Spirograph curtains & Hank the goofball.
These curtains need to be hemmed too(see a pattern?) , short , just to the bottom of the window. To discourage climbing & swinging.

Those who know me well should be gratified to see that my New Year's Resolutions, in fact, do not include cleaning my house on a regular basis.

Sun's back out, gotta battle light sabers in the yard!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Glasses

Hey look I got new glasses!
To me they don't look that different. But man I look tired.
It's my first pair of progressives. I'm trying hard not to barf or fall down the stairs. "Move your head not your eyes"

The serious look.

I'm getting really excited about going to TNNA to promote Big Girl Knits, and of couse, Knitty. I am dying to see/hear/feel/taste knitters' reactions to the book. TNNA , for those who've never worked in a yarn store, is the big convention where shops go to order yarn, books and toys for us to buy.
I'm excited because I get to see loads of people I love, and actually meet people who I've worked with only on-line.

Had some amazing exciting news yesterday, but papers must be signed before I can reveal.
Meanie me.

Monday, January 09, 2006

How do you know when it's full?

Is this full? The bottom of the cop started slipping so I assumed it is. How do you know?

I want to ply this gorgeous correidale fiber I got from Amy. So I'm going to try a couple of different ways that I've read about.

First up, TP rolls slipped over ball winder. I read about this method on one of the spinning lists. It was explained by Sheila, High Priestess of spinning. I figure she knows what she's talking about.

I little worse for wear, the wind of worked pretty well. Now to spin for my second ply.

Any other spindle plying tips?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Trying to see the light

We haven't seen the sun for about 10 days here in Michigan. I feel like the entire gray sky is pressing on my head. To try & counteract the gloom, may I present retina scalding fiberworks?

Socks. The yarn is Interlacements Toasty Toes in fuschia, orange & hot purple. I'm feeling like a bunch of other bloggers I've been reading, that this may be the year to knit a bunch of socks. I knit mine on dpns (crystal palace) - I've tried all the other ways, but always come back to dpns.
I knit them in bits back and forth between the two - tops, heels, toes. If I knit a complete sock at once - I'm done, right? I never go back & do the other one. The ribbing on these? A moss ribbing meant to accomadate my fat calves without extra math.

Spinning. See Shannon? I still spin on my wheel. Yellow, fuschia, orange wool top from Color Me. I've done half of what I bought (Carla, you there?). I'm planning on plying it to take break from my quest for non-curly singles.

The girlie goes back to school Monday, so today we're off for a last kiddo hurrah, to the splash hotel in Frankenmuth. There's beer there, ok?

Resolutions? A bunch of stuff about acting with intent, being mindful and present instead of pushing, pulling and wandering. I'm needing to make one of those life shifts this year to begin caring a little more hands-on for my mother - who I've never gotten on with. See the first resolutions and quote Nietzsche and the Rolling Stones. Which means a lot of changes for me including really picking and choosing how I use my fiber & design time.

Oh yeah, and I'm saving money to go to SOAR in 2007. I hear it's going to be close by.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

what happens when you go to the brewery then go online

Loki happens. So Loki wouldn't get lonely in the box, I ordered 4oz of angora/merino in lilac.
I ordered both from Kendig Cottage (also on ebay), amazing service & selection. At one point my drunk-on-two-large-beers self had 5(!) spindles in the cart.