Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who's your friend when things get rough?

We found HR Pufnstuf at the library
Henry is obsessed.

Here's the theme song to complete the flash back.

Did you remember how loooong it is?

I loved Witchy-poo when I was a kid.

But I have to leave the room now when Henry watches it. Do you remember that the show has a laugh track? A really bad laugh track that's not even kids laughing , for a kids' Saturday morning show.

The song, the song, it won't get out of my head!

Now some fibery goodness
Carla & I did some blending on Friday too.
Remember out Gotland fleece from NZ?
I wanted to blend it with a bit of alpaca,so maybe it won't be so instant felty, but mostly because it's what the designers who made the elven cloaks for Lord of the Rings did.

Here's my alpaca drying with the help of Alpacaboy - note the electrical cord on his foot.

Here's Carla's very happy cat cuddling the gotland. The blended fiber is on the right in a bowl. The alpaca gave it great depth & some silkiness. We used the grey alpaca to blend, the brown alpaca looked like doo-doo with the gotland.

Of course now I want a drum carder, really want a drum carder. One thing is stopping me (besides money)

Have you met my son?


Anonymous terri said...

Children make great drum carder operators! It only takes one or two pricks of the teeth before they figure out that you mean it when you say they're sharp. My Heather insists on turningg the crank, so I pick and she turns and then I doff the batt. We make a great team.

1:43 PM  
Blogger glenda said...

Boy did that theme song bring back some memories! But I don't think it is safe to run and play a golden flute at the same time...just not safe...could fall and break some teeth...
Things I never thought of as a child.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Y'know, I've got a line on a reasonably priced one. Want joint custody?

7:00 PM  
Blogger runtolose said...

that is one cutie you got there! did Henry get a chance to help in your big project?

8:23 AM  

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