Thursday, February 16, 2006

Do not fear the bun

I feared the bun. But I fear it no more.
I've had an irrational fear of spinning angora, then I was compelled to order this:

Gorgeous, no? 40% angora, merino & some silk. I could stand it I had to spin. Luckily I had my new Hatchtown handy and fiber free. Butter doesn't even come close. The roving was so fluffy I didn't even have to shake it out before spinning. The colors? My suck-job camera doesn't do them justice - there's depth & luminosity, most gorgeous.
See Kim at The Woolen Rabbit. Though it looks like she doesn't have any of the 40% bun now.


Anonymous Emma said...

Another bun fluff addict ! Kim's stuff is gorgeous. A delight to spin. It's filling my bobbins at the mo.,all be it slowly.

2:09 PM  

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