Thursday, January 17, 2008

Classic Elite and More Big Girl Knits

I'm coming out of my groundhog knitting hole to do a happy dance.

Have you seen the gorgeousness that new creative director, Pam Allen, has created for Spring at Classic Elite?

While you were over there did you notice this?:

That's right, a plus-sized booklet with designs by me.
I am so excited and proud.

Curvy Knits I should be arriving in you LYS any time now.

In other rounded body knitting news Amy & I received our preview copies of More Big Girl Knits yesterday. There was much skype squeeing :-). If you thought the first one was pretty - wait until you see this.

MBGK is due late March/early April at your LYS and other places that don't sell yarn.

2008 is already off to a hell of a start!

o.k., back to knitting................