Wednesday, September 28, 2005

People try to tell you

But no one can fully explain how much you will love your kids. I'm having a big lovefest these days....

Knitting will return.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's Fall!

All of a sudden it's Fall, it's chilly in the mornings & I've got the gimmies. I want new boots, new music, more yarn, books, furniture, a new kitchen. I settled for these:

A meat grinder attachment for my kitchenaid.
Homemade sausages anyone?

The latest issue of No Depression, pimp of my favorite music genere, alt-country. Which includes Richard Thompson , Tres Chicas, Whiskeytown, The Knitters, Johhny Cash and bunch of ex-punks who now play non-hat-wearing country with an attitude music.

Also got the new Spin-Off (just subscribe, already) for the article on dyeing & the ads ; )

I'm knitting a couple of scarves for a Family F.U.N auction for Rainbow Families Great Lakes.

I'm working on some knitting things in collaboration with artist Phoebe Gloeckner who's working with the folks that do adbusters and Amnesty International on a piece about the girls and women who are disappearing and being murdered in Juarez, Mexico.

Still the fabulous Big Girls book is in corrections, I know we can't get them all, but we're certainly trying!

How's Fall fallling in your part of the world?

Sunday, September 11, 2005


In between mutal mini breakdowns - her's over Grad School and mine over editing the Book - Carla & I went to Threadbear's Yarn Tasting last night.
We got to swatch a bunch of different yarns & generally run amuck in the store after hours.
Here's a samplin' of what we got to swatch:
My favorites of the night were:

A Vitadini cabled merino (the red-red), a Karabella kid mohair with chunks of glitz (the dk red), a Colinette furry (lower left- the Raphael colorway) & of course GGH's Kid-Soft .

What did I buy?
Well thanks for asking!
1 skein of wool aran weight Colinette, 4 skeins of Jaimeson shetland (tweedy, old world yarn whore, me), 2 skeins of Kid-Soft & the book , even though it doesn't have any patterns to fit my garockers (gargantuan knockers).

The best part, as always was yaking to Carla the way up & back - a good solid hour of bitching, moaning & laughing. And giggling with Rob & Matt the best yarn pimpin' Fatigues in the world!

In full disclosure, bought some Japanese yarn. Loads of skinny mohair, some marled (it's b&w), a bunch of ombre, a whacked out green & lt blue mohair & some lumpy pink stuff for the girl.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I am 2!

And my sister is still my best friend

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Almost a book.....

I haven't fallen from the face of the earth. I have fallen into manuscript pages for Big Girls:
Amy & I have about 1 week to find boo-boos, let the designers review their patterns, have our goddess tech editor review all maths & try not to have our heads explode from the stress & the excitement. It looks fab & is funny, even on the 100th read through.

Miss Isobel has managed to make it through her first week of first grade. She likes it, but is tired and needs to have a little cuddle & cry every evening.
Someone else is turning 2 on Saturday.